The Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

The Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

With over 2 billion views, the most viewed video on YouTube is undoubtedly ‘Guitar Hero III – World Tour. Released in 2007, the game required players to mimic the motions of real guitarists as they played tracks from popular rock and pop songs.

Since then, many other great videos have reached iconic status on YouTube, with some achieving even more views than ‘Guitar Hero III – World Tour. Here are ten of the most viewed videos on YouTube:

10. ‘How to Make a Perfect Popsicle’ – This easy tutorial shows you how to make a refreshing popsicle that tastes amazing. With over 5 million views, it’s clear that lots of people enjoy this delicious treat!
9. ‘How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen’ – If your laptop screen is broken, don’t panic! This helpful guide will show you how to fix it without having to take it apart. With over 3 million views, this video is definitely worth watching if you’re Experiencing laptop problems! 8. ‘How to Draw a Catstep’ – This fun and creative tutorial will teach you how to draw a cat step using simple shapes. With over 4 million views, this video is sure to be a hit with artists and kids alike! 7. ‘The Ultimate Furby Guide!’ – If you’re an avid collector of Furby toys, this informative guide is for you! In just under two minutes, you’ll learn everything there is to

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According to YouTube’s official website, the following are the ten most viewed videos on YouTube as of September 2017:

1. “First Time Ever Caught on Camera: Me and My Dad” – viewed an estimated 800 million times

2. “Baby Hummingbird Sings for the First Time” – viewed an estimated 600 million times

3. “Surprise! Newt Gives a Tour of His New Pool” – viewed an estimated 500 million times

4. “How to Make a Super Easy and Fun Fidget Spinner Toy” – viewed an estimated 400 million times

5. “Adele Blows Everyone Away at Her Last Performance Before Her Break” – viewed an estimated 300 million times

6. “Guy Dances Around His House to Michael Jackson’s Thriller” – viewed an estimated 200 million times

7. “The Crazy Cat Lady Tries to Get All of Her Cats Into a Car” – viewed an estimated 150 million times

8. “How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Step by Step” – viewed an estimated 100 million times

9. “Disney’s The Lion King (1994) – Extended Edition Uncut and Unmixed” – viewed an estimated 90 million times

10. “Charlie Chaplin: The Legacy” – viewed an estimated 80 million times

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YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform with billions of views each month. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are those that are promoted by YouTube itself. However, there are also many popular videos that are not promoted by YouTube, but still enjoy widespread viewership.


In this article, we take a look at the 10 most viewed videos on YouTube as of January 2019. These videos have achieved an impressive amount of viewing time, and many of them have inspired others to create their own content.


10. “How to Make Pizza at Home in 30 Minutes or Less”


This video has been viewed more than 5 million times, and it demonstrates how to make pizza in just 30 minutes or less using simple ingredients. Many people find this video helpful if they are looking for a quick and easy meal option that they can make themselves.


9. “The Most Epic Cat Fights Ever”


This video is another example of a popular video that is not promoted by YouTube itself. This video has been viewed more than 8 million times, and it features some of the most epic catfights ever filmed. Many people find this video entertaining and fascinating, especially because it shows the unique behaviors of cats in comparison to other animals.