The Top 5 YouTubers With The Most Subscribers

The Top 5 YouTubers With The Most Subscribers

As you probably know, there are a number of YouTube celebrities with sizable followings. Some of the most popular YouTubers in the world have amassed millions of subscribers, and their channels are packed with interesting videos that appeal to a wide range of viewers.

Here are five of the most subscribed-to YouTubers on the platform:

1. PewDiePie
With more than 54 million subscribers, PewDiePie is easily one of the most popular YouTube stars out there. His comedic content ranges from game commentary to making silly montages featuring his friends and family. His channel has been successful not only because of his comedy skills but also because he constantly updates it with new videos – whether it’s new gaming footage or funny skits starring his pets.

2. Ryan ToysReview
Ryan is another well-known personality on YouTube who has legions of fans thanks to his toy review videos. He takes children’s toys and gives them a thorough review, sometimes giving away free toys as a reward for good grades in school! Ryan also does occasional prank call episodes where he interacts with kids live on air – these segments are sure to make everyone laugh.
3. Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson is well known for hosting MTV’s “The Show That Rocked” back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, which made him one of the first celebrities on YouTube. However, since then he’s

what’s the most disliked video on youtube

There’s no doubt that the most popular YouTube stars have a large following. However, there are also a number of talented creators who have managed to amass sizable subscriber bases despite having less-than-stellar content. Here are the five most disliked YouTubers with the most subscribers.


5. Logan Paul


Logan Paul is one of the biggest names on YouTube, with over 80 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views. However, his popularity has not translated into positive feedback from fans – in fact, he has a reputation for being controversial and crass. His most hated video is the “suicide forest” video, which saw Logan and his team film and posts footage of themselves climbing a Japanese suicide forest – footage that has since been pulled from YouTube for violating community guidelines.


4. PewDiePie


PewDiePie is another mega-star on YouTube with over 57 million subscribers and 8 billion views. He’s known for his commentary-style videos, in which he takes on various challenges – some of which are actually pretty funny (like playing Pokémon Go). However, PewDiePie has also faced controversy in the past, including a video where he paid children to hold up anti-Semitic signs during a live stream. Despite this, PewDiePie still has an enormous following on YouTube.


3. Shane Dawson


Shane Dawson is well-known for his role as Alex Dunphy on the TV sitcom Will

what is the most popular youtube video

The most popular YouTube channels have a lot of subscribers. Some people watch the videos for entertainment purposes, while others may use them as educational resources. The five most subscribed YouTube channels are PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, FiveThirtyEight, Shaytards, and Smosh.


PewDiePie is a Swedish video game commentator and content creator who has amassed over 50 million subscribers on YouTube. His channels include “PewDiePie’sgaming channel” and “PewDiePie’s First World Problems”. His content ranges from Let’s Play videos to reaction videos to comedy sketches. He has been featured in Forbes and The Guardian and has won several awards including the Webby Award for Best Animated Video in 2016.


Justin Bieber is an American pop singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor who has over 190 million subscribers on YouTube. He rose to fame in 2009 when he starred in the Disney Channel original series ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Since then he has released several albums and singles including ‘Belief’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘What Do You Mean?’ which have all topped the US Billboard charts.


FiveThirtyEight is a political blog founded by statistician Nate Silver in 2013. The blog covers news related to politics, economics, science, and other social sciences with a focus on statistics and data analysis.